Tee Off Smile On

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Tee Off Smile On

Do you want to hit the ball further of the tee?

Let’s do it the HappyGolf way!

You can take lesson to hit it further, but with the BigStik, you will definitely hit it further.  Because it is the LONGEST and the LARGEST.

But it does look a bit ridiculous.

So how long can a driver get before it becomes non-conforming – 48 inches or 122cm

So how large can a driver get before it becomes non-conforming – 460cc

Other than the Big Stik, which is obviously non-conforming, are there other drivers that is just a bit larger and longer? Longer nope, but larger yes.

Just too many to list, you can search in Amazon.  HappyGolf is not selling the normal looking non-conforming golf driver, we are only selling the Longest and the Largest – The Big Stik.  And I have to add, the Loudest.

Other than larger drivers, the “silent” non-conforming looking driver is by modifying the COR, acronym for “Coefficient of Restitution.”  And just to over simplify, the bounce factor.  Now known as Characteristic Time or CT.  These looks like conforming driver but they are actually not.

There are companies that will “shave” off your driver to make it more bouncy.  Or you could look for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining.

Personally, I am not shy of playing non-conforming driver, nor ashamed of playing HappyGolf. So here comes the Big Stik, hear me roar. 


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