Singapore Golf courses and more

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Singapore Golf courses and more

First and foremost – you do not need a handicap or a club membership to play golf in Singapore.  And you definitely do not need a handicap to play outside of Singapore.  Unless you are playing in a professional/official tournament.

What is handicap?  I’ll cover it another time.  But for now, just know that HappyGolfers don’t need handicap, we are fully capable. :p

Back to Golf Courses… there are 14 Private and 3 Public golf courses in Singapore.  Private golf courses needs membership, public golf courses doesn’t.

The 3 public golf courses are –

  1. Mandai Executive Golf course –
  2. Marina Bay Golf course –
  3. Eng Neo Golf course (now known as Champions) –

These golf courses do not need membership nor do handicap.  Although they may require you to have a swing test.  A swing test is when their coach brings you to the range and see you hit a few balls – this is usually chargeable.  Overseas golf courses don’t need handicap.

And of cos, there is Korea’s screen golf at HappyGolf, no handicap needed. Casual indoor golf with more than 100 courses to choose from.  Before I go on a promotional rant about HappyGolf, let’s continue with golf courses.

A typical golf course consist of 18 holes or multiples of 9 holes.  A game of golf is 18 holes.  So for Mandai that only has 9 holes, you play 2 rounds to get 18 holes.  Other golf courses may have 3x 9 holes, so you can do combination of them to complete 18 holes.

Number of par – typically it is par 72, typically.  Which means that 9 holes is par 36.  With a typical par, golfers ask each other what is their usual score, under 100 is average and above 100 is beginner.  My typical score 110ish… :p  Please note that Mandai is not par 36, I thought I was pretty good until I realize that point.  Pro golfers don’t ask about usual score, they ask about handicaps.

Total distance – typically 18 holes distance is about 6km.  Mandai – of which I frequent – is 2.4km (the last I measured)  And each hole range from 90 meters to 550 meters.  This is also know as yardage (as in how many yards); you may think that longer means more difficult but it is not.  Golf is not only about hitting it far.  The next topic will cover that.

Rating of a course is the difficulty of the course.  So it is measure by a scratch golfer (handicap 0, or usually par golfer) and what is their average on that course.  So if these golfers on average hit 73, the rating is 73, which means it is more difficult; and if they average 70 (rating 70) the course is easier.  In summary, the lower the rating the easier.

Slope (Gradient) is the score difference between a good golfer and a pro golfer.  Higher slope means that their score will have a bigger difference, smaller slope a smaller difference.  When golfers of different capability (not handicap) play at a course of high slope, their score difference will be great; and low slope, their score difference will be less.

So which course to choose when you wanna play?  Come to HappyGolf, we have a simpler system (other screen golf is similar) – star rating.  Less star easier, more star more difficult.  Last promotional rant to end this post – more than 100 courses to choose from at HappyGolf.

Ready to play the course?  The next big question – How much?

Let’s draw a table, base on the following assumption – 9 holes, day time and nett price.

Weekday Weekend
Marina Bay 61.4 84.8
Champions 45 55
Mandai 26.75 37.45
HappyGolf 20 24

HappyGolf assumption is that you finish 18 holes in an hour or 9 holes in 30 minutes.  Usually, golfers will take an hour to finish 18 holes and not stop at 9.

How about golfing after the sun goes down?

Two choices available – Marina Bay (Wednesday to Friday only) and you have to pay for lighting charges of 16.38 and tee off before 7:50pm.  The other again is HappyGolf, we close at 11pm at night, contact us if you want to tee off after 10pm.

Just to clarify, we are not the only screen golf available in Singapore, the other screen golf available is Urban Fairways.  This is direct competition so I will just leave their website and you may contact them on their rates (it is not available on webpage).


All ready to play Golf in Singapore??

Any other questions? Do contact us and we’ll answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.

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