Correcting a Slice

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Correcting a Slice

Slice the ball of the tee spoils the game, the first shot and it ruins the rest.  So how can you prevent the slice and play HappyGolf?

    1. Aim off and correct for your slice, that is for people that are consistently slicing.
    2. Take lesson and hit the ball properly.
    3. Use a Polara self correcting ball.  HappyGolf is selling this, if you take a closer look at the ball (notice the dimples), you will realize why this ball doesn’t slice.
    4. Use an anti slice tees.  HappyGolf is not selling this.
    5. Use a lubricant on the club face, you can buy this or simply use WD40.

Of the above methods, 3-5 are non-conforming. Do not use if you are in competition, it is basically cheating.  But if you are playing HappyGolf… that is another matter, don’t get caught or have a Happy discussion on how technology has just made golf happy.

Play HappyGolf.

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