We coach non-golfer, bringing them into the world of golfing,  Lowering the entry barrier with affordable coaching at only 388 for 5 lessons and unlimited practices for 4 weeks.  

Holistic approach with all the knowledge, theory and practical; to go to the fairway and play a round of real golf.

5 lesson and you will be playing screen golf.

SUPER Plus point – Unlimited Practice for duration of coaching!


We got the most simple and fast training program – learn and grasp the knowledge.  Practice at your own pace.

Lesson 1 – All about the game and basic swing of iron.

Lesson 2 – Practice Iron Swing and Learn Chipping

Lesson 3 – Practice Chipping and Learn Driver

Lesson 4 – Use all the clubs and know all your clubs’ distance. (Gapping session)

Lesson 5 – Play screen golf and have FUN!

Golf is Easy, we are doing the modern swing and Aimee Cho does the explanation perfectly!  Watch the series below and you are on the way into the world of golf!

The whole series is about an hour, it might be easier if you come for your first trial lesson instead.  You will be able to hit the golf ball within the first lesson!

Other than swinging the club and hitting the ball, there are also rules to the game and also etiquette on the course.  All of which will be cover to provide a complete holistic coaching.