Chromax metallic colored golf ball

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A quick summary – 

Not just colored, it is metallic too.  Conforms with regulation

You hit a good drive, it was far, it was straight, it should be on the fairway…  You walked 150 meters on the fairway with a grin, then it happened.  “Where is my ball?!?” – true story from orion

It comes with two compression – 75 and 90.  Low compression ball is for novice and high compression is for professional.  Low compression more distance while high compression more control.

HappyGolf brings it into Singapore and sells it for an aggressive price.

Shipping to Singapore address is included.

Online ordering is available on Qoo10

Compression 75 (for beginner) in 7 colors at

Compression 90 (for professional) in 2 colors at

Pack of 6 with two options at

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