20 meters more

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20 meters more

Everyone was to hit further… 

It’s simple – train, train and train.  And you should be (not a definite) hitting further.

But this article is not about tee it up higher, get custom fitting, training nor coaching. This article is about the fast and easy way to hit 20 meters more, presuming you are not a professional and don’t exactly have a fast swing speed.

For the recreational golfer that has an easy swing – club head speed of driver less than 100mph.  There are ways to add that 20 meters more!

  1. Cure that slice/hook gets you 20 meters off line.  A straight ball will gain you that 20 meters.  Refer to http://happygolf.com.sg/correcting-a-slice/   on correcting a slice.
  2. Get a softer ball!  Softer ball reduces spin, both side spin and back spin, this will get you further…
  3. Use a non-conforming ball – they are smaller and heavier – USGA rules are 1.68 inches in diameter and weigh no more than 1.62 ounces.
  4. Driver face shaving – the best method ever – this basically reduce the thickness of the driver face increasing the “bounce” creating a faster ball speed and thus further distance.

Why did I mention driver face shaving as the best method ever?

Not everyone wants to be known as “illegal”, most non-conforming method is obvious (to the keen eye) and is likely to be detected.  But driver face shaving…. unless you are in a super pro competition where they have the instrument to measure COR, there is absolutely no way of knowing… Only you know the secret…

Guess who shaved?

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